In an average office building there are all kinds of hidden dangers. Fire-hazardous objects and areas that fall outside the regular fire-fighting or security installation, such as elevator machine rooms, emergency power generator room, work cabinets for the cleaners, the low-voltage distribution systems, escalators and their machine rooms. But also archives, printer and copy rooms and meter cupboards are spaces with ignition sources and combustible material in the vicinity.

The most common fires in offices are caused by damaged or faulty wiring and malfunctions in electrical equipment. Think of PCs, printers, copiers and beamers. In particular the generally NOT manned and technical areas are a great danger. There is no supervision there and a calamity can initially develop unnoticed. Stat-X extinguishing system can offer a solution here, for example by installing independently operating detection / extinguishing units or via electrically activatable extinguishing units that are activated via an extinguishing center with connected fire detectors.