Both the µ-FEP and NANO fire detection/extinguishing systems are designed and intended for the activation of modular extinguishing systems. For the concept of fire detection & extinguishing at source, both systems are ideally suited. Both are small and compact and can therefore protect locations where a standard fire/extinguishing system is unsuitable. Operation is simple, clear and designed in accordance with EN54-2 for fire alarm and alarm systems, EN12094-1 for fixed fire suppression systems. Both fire alarm/extinguisher systems are self-contained, versatile and with a very high level of performance intended for different application areas. But both are different in applications.

The µ-FEP fire alarm / extinguishing system is specifically intended and developed by K&G for the activation of an aerosol extinguishing system in relation to their fire protection concept: fire detection & fighting at the source. The µ-FEP is designed to be a stand-alone fire detection-extinguishant release panel used in systems for e.g. electrical cabinets, CNC machines, engine rooms, small area’s or other equipment. The µ-FEP operation is simple and designed in accordance with the EN54-2 requirements for fire alarms and alarm systems, as well the EN12094-1 meant for fixed firefighting systems. The μ-FEP extinguishant release panel offers outstanding value and performance for all small and compact fixed firefighting systems. The µ-FEP fire alarm / extinguishing panel is compact: 80 x 151 x 60 mm (h x w x d)

The NANO fire alarm/extinguishing release system is primarily intended and developed for the activation of an extinguishing system on vessels. The NANO system has a DNV-CG 0339-2021 type approval certificate TAA000037H. Due to its construction, the NANO is resistant to vibrations and shocks and is therefore applicable in harsh environments and vessels, electrical cabinets, CNC machines or small area’s in which the user should be able to detect and extinguish a fire rapidly and effective.The NANO is equipped with a dual extinguishing activation technology intended for the activation of electrically activatable aerosol extinguishing generators or the activation of a so-called solenoid activated system. The dimensions of the NANO are: 80 x 120 x 58 mm (h x w x d)