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Fire protection and industry go hand in hand. When fighting a fire within an industrial object, one often thinks of business continuity, after all that is essential for the survival of a company.

The purpose of firefighting is of course extinguishing the fire, but also the rescue and evacuation of victims, the prevention of damage or the prevention of nuisance. The great variety of production processes entails very different risks and risk areas. All these risks require specific fire protection and extinguishing techniques. Stat-X extinguishing aerosol is ideally suited for space and source protection and is approved for extinguishing solids, flammable liquids, gases and electrically initiated fires up to 40KV. Examples of industrial objects and processes that are suitable for Stat-X are switch and distribution boxes, high and medium voltage areas, storage of hazardous substances, MCC areas and cabinets, battery charging areas, CNC machines and distribution areas.