Securing a storage facility is directly linked to the continuity of a company. Whether it concerns the storage of hazardous substances or production stocks, a fire can have disastrous consequences here.

For storage facilities suitable for less than 10,000 kg of hazardous substances, an extinguishing system is not required from PGS 15. This does not imply that this would not be sensible from the perspective of continuity. The extinguishing system does not necessarily have to save the contents, but can also be intended to prevent escalation to the outside. The preservation of the space and / or building is the primary objective here. Stat-X has been tested for functionality on containers intended for the transport or storage of lithium batteries. But there is also an increased risk of fire with refrigerated containers that are kept at temperature by a built-in motor. A refrigerated container is multifunctional and can be used on location or for transport. The Stat-X extinguishing system is suitable for use in various forms of storage such as cabinets, archives, hazardous materials storage, warehouses and data archives etc. Stat-X extinguishes a fire quickly and safely without complicated modifications to the construction and offers significant benefits.